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  • Summary

    , by lsanchez

    The development of more economical and safer societies requires to improve the means of transport and of energy production. Among these means, rotating machines hold a central place. To address these societal issues, it is then essential that the rotating machines technology be innovative and (...)

  • Context to the call

    , by lsanchez

    The PHARE project is positioned in a complementary and innovative way in relation to other national and international research projects.
    Regarding the theme of vibrations, the main research teams with links with national projects on the themes of rotating machines dynamics are concentrated at (...)

  • Objectives

    , by lsanchez

    The PHARE experimental facility will permit each of the partners to carry out scientific works that were previously out of reach for them. Indeed, the absence of experimental data relating to configurations of extreme situations prevents the construction of reliable numerical models. This new (...)

  • Scientific issues

    , by lsanchez

    Needless to say, such an experimental facility will place the Rhône-Alpes region at the forefront of innovation in the domain of aeronautics and energy. By grouping all its scientific competences, it will probably be the only region capable of breaking through the current scientific and (...)