Context to the call

The PHARE project is positioned in a complementary and innovative way in relation to other national and international research projects.

Regarding the theme of vibrations, the main research teams with links with national projects on the themes of rotating machines dynamics are concentrated at ONERA, ECL, ECN, INSA, and McGill University in Canada. These different works correspond to the project set up with the Agence Nationale de la Recherche such as the IRINA project (EDF, SNECMA, INSA, ECN, ECL) on studying rotor-stator interaction, and the CARNOT I@L COSMIQ project (LMFA, LTDS) on aeroelasticity and detuning effects, the Concerted Research Project DYNA (subsidised by the Direction des Programmes de l’Aéronautique Civile). Mention can also be made of international projects such as the Joint Technical Development Program that permits, in liaison with SNECMA and GE, launching several theses on rotor/stator contact interaction (with ECN). Also there is the European project ADTURBII FP6 on the study of detuning (with ECL), and the Newac Project (Integrated Project of FP6, EPFL) dealing in part with rotor/stator contact interaction, DREAM (FP7 EPFL, ONERA) on clean architectures, VITAL (ONERA) on noise reduction and CO2 production, FUTURE (FP7 ECL, EPFL) on aeroelasticity problems and the measurement of detuning in tip-timing. The intense activity in the area of rotating machine dynamics demonstrates the economic and societal stakes they involve.